Why choose to Learn Quran online?

Online Quran Learning Booms Amid Pandemic. The outbreak of the coronavirus has led to the closure of mosques and Islamic schools in most countries, pushing Muslims to learn the Quran online. As a result, online Quran learning has experienced unprecedented growth.

The advantages of learning Quran online are many:

Safety: One of the greatest benefits of online Quran learning is safety. By staying at home, you can protect yourself and your children during pandemics. In online Quran sessions, learners do not have to interact directly with Quran teachers, which helps prevent the spread of illness.

A study from home: With online Quran home tuition, learners can study the book of Allah from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need to drive or travel to find a qualified Quran teacher.

Save money: Online teaching is much cheaper than traditional Islamic schools, helping students save on commuting and other additional expenses.

Convenience: Online Quran education is a much more convenient option for learners, both in terms of price and learning. They can study at their own pace, and the online format allows for flexible scheduling.

Native and well-qualified Quran teachers: Since the Quran was revealed in the Arabic language, it is important to learn it from Arab tutors from Muslim countries. These tutors can help learners pronounce Arabic letters 100% accurately from their specific points of articulation, which is crucial for correct Quran recitation. Additionally, these teachers are qualified in many fields and can help learners with Tajweed and other domains of Islamic studies.

24/7 online support: In online Quran learning, professional supervisors continually assess online classrooms to ensure the quality of the classes. Customer support is always available to help and motivate students, and parents receive monthly and weekly reports to track their children’s progress.

One-on-one classes: Online Quran learning provides learners with the opportunity to interact one-on-one with their tutors. This helps learners, especially children, get individual attention from their tutors and clarifies any confusion they may have, helping them maintain their interest. One-on-one online Quran classes allow students to receive full attention and learn the Quran quickly and effectively.

In conclusion, online Quran learning has become increasingly popular due to its many benefits, particularly during pandemics. With native, well-qualified Quran teachers, one-on-one classes, and 24/7 online support, it is a safe, convenient, and affordable option for those seeking to learn the book of Allah.